Image: Ruth Eckland


The exhibition explores what it is to lose something, someone, some direction and some sense of self. But is it so bad to be a flaneur, flaneuse, in wanderlust, in terra incognita, a nomad, a shaman, a drifter?

A fantastic array of international artists come together in one space to find lucidity in that loss. Through various retrieval methodologies the artists explore navigational strategies, emotional celibacy, memories, reinvention, survival skills and escapism. Work exhibited include film, animation, photography, installations, drawings, paintings and sculpture to keep hold of old ties, retrace steps and to experience the joy of retrieval.

The exhibition asks the audience how we find clarity and closure when the subject has ceased. It allows the artists to answer how the unforeseen is evitable not calculated or measured because ultimately our possessions may have disappeared but we are still here.

Image: Ellen Jantzen

Daxa Parmar

'Palma de Mallorca, Spain'

'60 moments of lucidity to find you and me in me after I lost you'

Installation/Mixed Media
(Plastic containers, Salt, Flour, Rice, Printed photographs/drawings/writing on labels, Grocery receipts, Rubber Elastic bands,Clear adhesive Tape, Blue Biro)

Loss:Displacement:Discovery:Renewal: Homage to Mum who passed. 60 moments on tubs containing her essential cooking ingredients. Objects she used to, contain, label and secure meals for me. ‘0’, and ‘60’; motifs in my work referring to an eastern philosophy of time renewing itself. ‘0’ represents ‘nothing’ yet complete, containing ‘everything’ within.